MailFrontier Releases Matador 2.0 Desktop Anti- Spam Solution
by Berislav Kucan - Monday, 24 March 2003.
Messaging company MailFrontier, today announced the latest release of their anti-spam product Matador. Matador 2.0 now supports Outlook Express and several web based e-mail solutions like Hotmail and MSN. Developers also noted that by using the product with Outlook or Outlook Express, corporate Exchange environments and POP3 systems are fully supported.

MailFrontier built Matador based on two basic principles: first, each user has their own personal definition of spam, and second, only a multi-pronged solution can hope to eliminate unwanted email. Pavni Diwanji, CEO and cofounder of MailFrontier said: "We believe that the fight against spam will be won by making the venture unprofitable for spammers by blocking the delivery of junk email to in-boxes. With spam becoming increasingly targeted and personal, the consequences of losing this battle could ruin email as a viable means of communication."

Matador 2.0, a downloadable desktop client, is now available for users of Microsoft Outlook (2000 and 2002) running on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP and users of Outlook Express (5.0/5.5/6.0), Hotmail, MSN, and IMAP, for a price of $29.95.


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