Interview with Richard Boyer, Vice President of Program Management of NetFrameworks
by Mirko Zorz - Thursday, 13 March 2003.
I believe that identity management will play an increasingly important role in society as time goes on. Identity is becoming more than just who you are, but is what defines you in an increasingly anonymous world. When we started moving money between individuals electronically (credit cards, bank cards, etc), identity went through an ideological shift. Identify was no longer defined as a local community's knowledge of an individual, but the vouchsafe given a trusted third party. Because of this, suddenly we could interact at a commercial level with someone half way around the world, but in doing so we reduced our identity from middle-aged father of three to a number and expiration date. As a result we are left with the challenge of protecting our investment in those third parties. And as a result increasingly our management of our identity becomes ever more important.

What developments does NetFrameworks envisage in 2003?

This year we see a couple of things starting to come to the forefront. First of all, we continue to see identity theft (personal and corporate) to continue to rise. Secondly we see that security planning will become a much larger agenda item on the corporate radarscopes. Increased corporate security liability and losses will spur increased class action lawsuits, forcing companies to recognize the importance of security. And lastly we think that the corporate and government IT infrastructure within organizations and the usage, management, and security of the data contained within that infrastructure is going to come under much closer scrutiny as the year progresses. Organizations will increasingly realize that it's simply too expensive and too risky to make security an afterthought. It's better to plan it.


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