Interview with Richard Boyer, Vice President of Program Management of NetFrameworks
by Mirko Zorz - Thursday, 13 March 2003.
Richard Boyer is Vice President of Program Management of NetFrameworks. Rich heads the security training, security planning tools, and secure content management business practices and supports NetFrameworks work in public key infrastructure, identity management, and Certificate Authority (CA) integration.

Introduce NetFrameworks.

NetFrameworks is a privately held full service technology consulting based in the Washington DC. The company has been in business since 1998 and its co-founders each have more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry. The company plans and deploys security best practices and security training for enterprise and government clients.

When was the company started?

NetFrameworks was created from the 1998 merger of two previous organizations, a security engineering and development firm and a security planning and implementation corporation. With this combination, NetFrameworks became an organization greater than the sum of the parts, with the expertise able to engage a client at any point in the security life cycle, providing significant value and expertise.

How did it evolve?

Originally NetFrameworks was narrowly focused on the core technologies we brought-on from our predecessor organizations. However as time as progressed the company has increased its scope and is today intimately involved in all digital security technologies and services. As a result, today we might be simultaneously assisting a start up in refining the user interface of a new authentication device, building a highly secure portal for a branch of the government, and working on penetration testing on an streaming media service. Additionally, NetFrameworks is now able to allocate more resources to helping the security community at-large. For example, on our site, we publish newsletters and provide important resources for anyone involved in mission critical security planning.

What security services and products does NetFrameworks offer?

NetFrameworks specializes in comprehensive security planning, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, incident response, audits, risk management, PKI, Identity management, authentication frameworks, and security-related software development. NetFrameworks plans and deploys security best practices and training for corporate and government clients.

What challenges do you face in the marketplace?

The biggest challenge in the marketplace is getting organizations to understand that security is not just about putting locks on doors. Security is about planning and process, and constantly watching and reevaluating your situation. Too many businesses slap a firewall in place and think they are "secure". This is dangerous because organizations get lax by assuming a good door lock is all they need and they never check to see if the window is standing wide open. Once an organization realizes that security is a process, a business problem, and a risk management challenge that must be managed and not ignored, they see the potential impact to their organization and understand the range of vulnerabilities staring them in the face. Our marketplace represents those clients that, often with our up-front help, come to see this reality- the reality that security is not a feature or a product.

What do you see as your advantages?


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