Interview with Adam N. Bosnian, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Elron Software
by Mirko Zorz - Friday, 14 February 2003.
While the Internet should be used primarily for business-related purposes, most companies are willing to accept a certain amount of recreational surfing. Web filtering solutions, such as IM Web Inspector, can help companies achieve the balance they are seeking between protecting their interests and employee privacy. For example, Web Inspector can be used to restrict the web surfing activity that potentially exposes the company to legal liability, while allowing everyday, recreational surfing. Often times, access to these recreational sites can even be eliminated from reporting altogether, giving employees the confidence that a certain level of privacy is guaranteed. Solutions like Web Inspector are not intended to monitor an employee's every step on the Internet, just to ensure that it's being used responsibly.

What's your opinion on websites that run their own "blacklists" of alleged spammers?

While I think that these lists have some value in combating spam, there are several limitations associated with them and this particular approach. The two biggest problems with this technique are that it is reactive and does not look at the content of the message.

Elron Software's Message Inspector offers a flexible approach to spam management. The foundation of its spam protection is the lexical-based spam engine - which scans for over 600 spam-like attributes in the header, body, attachments, etc. of an incoming message to determine if it is spam. Utilizing technology, as opposed to relying on static lists, enables Messages Inspector to produce more accurate results.

What are your plans for the future?

Over the last few years, instant messaging and peer-to-peer computing have become more and more popular. Companies are now concerned that these applications are having an adverse affect on worker productivity and network bandwidth. With this in mind, future releases of Web Inspector will include the ability to monitor and restrict these types of applications in order to foster a more productive work environment. Finally, we are committed to continually improving Web Inspector's list and content-based classification technology (including foreign language support) in order to help our customers achieve the most accurate site classification available and keep pace with the exponential growth of the Internet.

In addition, we will continue to make improvements to our award-winning spam technology, which will give end-users more customization options by allowing them to tune the overall aggressiveness of the engine itself. Future Message Inspector releases will also include enhancements to address the specific needs of vertical markets such health/human services as well financial services.


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