Interview with Adam N. Bosnian, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Elron Software
by Mirko Zorz - Friday, 14 February 2003.
Adam N. Bosnian joined Elron Software in May 2000. Bosnian brings a strong background in sales, strategy development, corporate partnering, marketing communications, product lifecycle management and strategic partner relations.

Introduce Elron Software. When was the company started? How did it evolve?

Elron Software, Inc. (ESI) was founded in 1997 and initially offered multiple products to the SMB marketplace. These products included: a firewall, Internet bandwidth analysis and optimization applications, a web usage tracking application, an application usage tracking application, as well Y2K products and professional services for network implementation and integration.

In early 2000, ESI undertook an effort to focus the development, marketing and sales energies on a single market space - the early stage but high growth, content filtering market. While phasing out the other product lines, ESI embarked upon developing two major content filtering products: Web Inspector and Message Inspector. The goal was to architect these web and email content filtering products so that they would work within the SMB market as well as address the needs, expectations and traffic load of larger, enterprise organizations.

Today, ESI offers Message Inspector and Web Inspector to companies of all sizes, with a particular focus on 1000-20,000+ user opportunities.

What are your company's flagship products and for what market are they intended?

Elron Software's Internet Manager product family, including IM Web Inspector, IM Message Inspector and IM Anti-Virus, is a comprehensive set of solutions for web access control, email and spam content filtering and virus protection. These award-winning solutions maximize the productive use of the Internet while minimizing the associated risks: confidential data loss, reduced productivity, legal liability, network congestion and virus attacks. Elron Software has licensed its software to thousands of organizations, schools and government entities.

Which challenges do you face in the marketplace? What do you see as your advantages?

There are several challenges that the content filtering market, and ESI by extension, face over the next several years. These include:

1) Designing filtering applications to keep up with ever-increasing email and web traffic loads

2) Maximizing the corporate 'appetite' for content filtering applications in the face of decreasing IT budgets and economic worries

3) Managing the competitive landscape - multiple solutions from multiple vendors and myriad delivery mechanisms (application, service, appliance, etc.)

One of the key advantages and differentiators in our Message Inspector and Web Inspector product lines is the ability to handle a broad spectrum of Internet traffic load. ESI has developed and continues to develop all products to address the increasing amounts of web and email traffic. Inherent benefits of the products include the ability to deploy multiple servers to scale with increasing loads, while being centrally managed and maintained by a web-based management console. In addition, Web Inspector and Message Inspector take full advantage of multiple-processor server implementations and are designed from the ground up to be processor efficient. As an example, in 2001 Web Inspector handled ~2,000 users/server, whereas today we specify up to 6,500 users/server.


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