Enhancing Network Security Monitoring with IDS Technology Webcast
by Berislav Kucan - Monday, 10 February 2003
Cisco will present this live webcast (free registration) on February 26, 2003, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. The topics that will be covered within this web cast include: efficiently dealing with high event traffic, techniques for identifying actual attacks plus reducing false positives and understanding the root cause of network a security breach.

Seminar overview:

The challenge with a traditional intrusion detection system (IDS) is identifying actual network attacks from the excessive flood of false positive attacks that reduce administrator effectiveness. Cisco understands that the reduction of false positives is one of the top priorities for those wanting to deploy an IDS solution in a network. In this TechTalk, part one in a two-part series on intrusion detection, we'll take a look at network attack identification, false-positive suppression, and techniques for lowering the cost of ownership of an intrusion detection system solution.

You'll have the opportunity to engage in real-time with IDS experts, featuring Amrit Patel, Manager, VPN and Security Management Solutions Marketing at Cisco. Ask questions of the professionals as they discuss how to better protect your network with an IDS solution and centralized security management technologies.

Learn about new monitoring and reporting capabilities and effective IDS management best practices. Discover why an intrusion detection system is a necessary complement to firewalls, and how centralized security management can help you monitor and protect your network more efficiently.


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