ABIT brings low cost security to the server motherboard
by Mirko Zorz - Wednesday, 22 January 2003.
As a result of a partnership between ABIT and Cavium Networks, ABIT's SI-1Ns server motherboard is shipping with Cavium's NITROX Security Macro Processor.

Edwin Lin, President of ABIT Computer Corporation said: "ABIT has been a pioneer in bringing new functionality to the motherboard. We strongly believe that security will become a standard feature in server motherboards for PC based security appliances. We choose Cavium's NITROX Processor as our server platform security processor because of its unmatched flexibility, performance and price."

The SI-1Ns is the industry's first Intel Pentium 4-based motherboard with the Cavium NITROX IPSec/SSL processor onboard. The embedded Cavium's NITROX Lite CN1005 processor features cost benefit and flexibility by supporting IPSec, SSL processing or both with a simple software change. Combined the computation power of Intel's Pentium 4 processor and the Cavium's NITROX Lite CN1005 security processing engine, the SI-1Ns is capable of processing up to 400Mbps of IPSec traffic or 3,500 RSA operations per second. This SI-1Ns motherboard, aiming to bring affordable high performance security to the mass market, can be used for a wide variety of security appliances, such as VPN gateways, integrated firewall/VPNs, SSL webservers, SSL VPNs, and content balancers.

Detailed information about the SI-1Ns motherboard can be read in the datasheet available for download here.


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