AirDefense and NCS DataCom Launch Wireless LAN Security Service
by Mirko Zorz - Tuesday, 21 January 2003.
AirDefense and NCS DataCom announced a partnership whereby NCS DataCom has launched the AirPatrol managed service.

The service uses the patent-pending AirDefense technology platform and offers a comprehensive solution that secures 802.11 wireless LANs with 24x7 monitoring to identify rogue wireless LANs, detect intruders and attacks, enforce network security policies, deflect intruders from the network and monitor the health of the wireless LAN.

Jeff McConocha, president of NCS DataCom said: "AirPatrol secures wireless LANs with enterprise solutions that go beyond encryption and authentication to provide effective intrusion detection for wireless LANs. We saw that the AirDefense platform with 24x7 monitoring has the right approach to WLAN security. NCS DataCom will leverage its technology investment to offer a managed service to our small and mid-size enterprise clients."

NCS DataCom's AirPatrol managed service is based on the AirDefense wireless LAN security platform, which consists of distributed sensors and server appliances. The remote sensors sit near 802.11 access points to monitor all wireless LAN activities 24x7 and communicate with the server appliance, which analyzes the traffic in real time to discover wireless LAN vulnerabilities, enforce security policies, and detect and respond to


Jay Chaudhry, AirDefense CEO said: "Organizations of all sizes must address wireless LAN security, and the AirDefense wireless LAN security platform scales to secure a single office or multiple sites around the globe. With its 16-year history of serving small and mid-sized businesses, NCS DataCom is the perfect company to partner with to provide wireless LAN security as part of a hosted solution."


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