NetScreen Enhances Solution for Mobile Network Operators
by Mirko Zorz - Thursday, 16 January 2003.
NetScreen Technologies Inc. announced enhancements to the NetScreen-500 GPRS security system, enabling mobile network operators to strengthen security of their networks and the services provided to end customers.

The NetScreen-500 GPRS was enhanced in order to support the newest standards for securely transmitting information via GPRS, broaden the system’s security functionality and add support of additional networking protocols, easing deployment into complex environments.

The enhancements include support for the newest GPRS Tunneling Protocol, GTP Release 1999, which is used to facilitate data roaming for wireless carrier networks. The NetScreen-500 GPRS is the industry’s first security platform to support GTP Release 1997 and Release 1999, providing service providers a migration path to support GTP 1999 or enhance the security of their existing GPRS environments that already use GTP 1999.

For business users relying on GPRS services for connecting to corporate resources, NetScreen added new Access Point Name (APN) filtering features. APN filtering provides mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can gain access to specific mobile networks as well as corporate resources that may be connected via those mobile networks.

The enhanced NetScreen-500 GPRS security system also includes support for dynamic routing protocols to ease network integration of the device and new high-availability capabilities to provide increased resiliency and uptime.

A PDF document with all the details about the NetScreen-500 can be obtained here.


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