Security Year in Review: VPNs and Firewalls
by Mirko Zorz - Wednesday, 18 December 2002.
In March SnapGear released SnapGear PRO+, a VPN Router appliance with integrated V.90 modem for automatic failover for ADSL and Cable-connected customers. Miles Gillham, VP Marketing, said: "This product is a big step forward for broadband users who require a higher level of fault tolerance. Narrowband fallback means no downtime if a carrier experiences ADSL or Cable outages." In December, Snapgear released a powerful new small-medium enterprise range of VPN firewall appliances.

In May Alcatel released OmniAccess 512 with VPN capabilities. Designed to connect branch offices to corporate sites, the Alcatel OmniAccess 512 combines LAN switching, WAN routing, VoIP, firewall, and VPN security offering multi-service access to the enterprise backbone. Joelle Gauthier, Alcatel vice president of network infrastructure marketing said: "Offering secure voice and data applications to the branch office is one of the highest priorities of the network manager today."

In June V-ONE Corporation started offering advanced VPN solutions to users and resellers of satellite IP data communication services through its SmartSat program. SmartSat enables organizations to realize the benefits of satellite communication while overcoming long-standing VPN performance problems associated with satellite circuits.

In September Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has been recognized as a market leader by research and advisory firm, Gartner, Inc. In a report, Gartner notes: "Leadership in the remote-access VPN market requires that vendors provide a broad, competitive, compelling range of products that enable enterprises to build secure and flexible VPNs across all lines and layers of their business." Later this year Check Point received another award, this time from Network World magazine.

Infoexpress' VPN Software VTCP/Secure was also awarded in September, when Windows & .NET Magazine selected them as a winner in the Best VPN category. Stacey Lum, CEO of InfoExpress said, "We're honored to receive this recognition from the readers of Windows & .NET Magazine. This award is particularly meaningful because it was selected by people who use VPN solutions everyday."

Also in September ActivCard launched it's Smart VPN solution that bundles a AAA Server with a USB device and digital identity software. This promotion was designed to motivate VPN owners to add strong authentication to their current VPN-based remote access systems in order to protect against unwanted intrusion from hackers.


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