Gemplus introduces ResIDent
by Mirko Zorz - Tuesday, 5 November 2002.
Gemplus launched ResIDent, a smart card-based ID system designed for advanced e-Government programs. ResIDent enables governments to offer more secure, versatile and convenient identification services to their populations, both in physical and digital environments.

The ResIDent secure ID solution responds to the growing need for a more reliable identification method amongst governments worldwide. As a result of increasing theft and fraud of traditional ID documents, smart card technology has emerged as the most secure and flexible identification and communication medium available today.

"The terrorist attack of 9/11 has acted as a catalyst to create awareness of security and the need for organizations and governments to secure information," said Anoop Ubhey, smart card industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan. "National ID projects are beginning to take off across the world and I believe this market will be one of the key applications over the coming years. I would expect to see explosive growth in the future. With ResIDent, Gemplus offers all the components necessary for system integrators engaging complex ID projects, enabling them to design advanced smart card systems tailored to the specific requirements of any government organization."

Less than one month ago, the Sultanate of Oman became the first country in the Middle East to commit to a smart card-based ID system for digital identification of their population. The system, including issuance of more than 1.2 million cards, is fully based on Gemplus' ResIDent solution.

ResIDent provides a bridge between physical and digital worlds by enabling secure identification and access to information and services in both on- and off-line mode. When applied in a web-based environment ResIDent offers a wide array of security features such as strong authentication, digital signatures, and tamper proof storage of pass codes and encryption keys. On top of chip security, ResIDent possesses advanced security printing and personalization techniques, ensuring a high-level of integrity of the ID card in physical identity checks.


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