ActivCard Launches ActivCard Gold 2.2
by Mirko Zorz - Thursday, 31 October 2002.
ActivCard, the leader in IDentity Management software, announced the worldwide availability of ActivCard Gold 2.2 and ActivCard Gold for CAC 2.2, enabling enterprises and U.S. government agencies to upgrade the security of their desktops with multi-application smart cards to increase productivity and business confidence.

ActivCard Gold software is a multi-function smart card-based authentication and digital signature solution. The new version greatly expands interoperability with a variety of devices and systems, operates at twice the speed of past versions and makes it easy to install and deploy smart card-based IDs to large-scale user populations.

"ActivCard Gold 2.2 raises the bar on smart card middleware quality through high performance, customizability and ease of deployment," said Ed MacBeth, senior vice president of marketing, ActivCard. "ActivCard Gold 2.2 has proven maturity and reliability which is why it continues to be the

top choice smart card security software, way ahead of newer competitors."

ActivCard is currently offering a free trial of ActivCard Gold 2.2 as part of the Smart VPN promotion running until December 31, 2002. This enables VPN users to install, test and evaluate the benefits of ActivCard Gold 2.2 together with the ActivKey USB key and with the ActivPack AAA server.

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