Wearable technology privacy and security issues
by Mirko Zorz - Editor in Chief - Monday, 28 April 2014.
We also think that mobile devices and wearable technology can have a potentially fantastic impact on business applications. Imagine, for example, a factory being able to recall complex technical information for equipment without having to lug a heavy laptop around. We are sure the property industry will also love this. But organizations should draw a line by insisting that this type of technology can only be used in a business relevant way.

Can wearable devices be built with security in mind? How does one take into consideration the privacy of others when developing a product like Google Glass?

Wearable devices must be built with security in mind right from the start. We are only beginning to figure out all of the endless potential security risks associated with wearable devices, so thorough testing of these products before they are bought to market is vital.

As wearable technology is adopted by the masses, apps will help them to become highly integrated and connected. This is what we saw happen with mobile, but the potential security risks of constant data sharing and interaction were overlooked. We must learn from what happened with the sudden take off of mobile and apply this when developing new products.

With the imagination of consumers driving the future of technology, it can be all too easy to become swept up in the excitement of possibility. We need to remember that we live and work in a human environment and technology can dehumanize the workplace. Prioritizing the privacy and safety of people should always be considered when developing a new product of any kind.


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