There are no winners in the blame game
by Brian Honan - CEO BH Consulting - Monday, 26 August 2013.
So next time you are dealing with users who do not know how to work in a secure manner, donít blame the users but rather take a step back and try to understand where and how we have failed to enable them to work securely.

When management does not provide the necessary resources to improve information security, letís not blame them for not understanding the issue. Instead letís try to learn how to better present the business case that will get management to approve the investment.

The next time a companyís network security is breached remind yourself that they are the victim of a crime. Instead of shaming and blaming the victim, our focus should be on how to stop those responsible for the attacks creating more victims.

In the blame game nobody wins, yet everybody loses. As the famous American novelist John Burroughs said: ďYou can get discouraged many times, but you are not a failure until you begin to blame somebody else and stop trying.Ē We have too much at stake in ensuring our systems and networks are secure to fail at what we do. We will be discouraged many times but letís not become failures Ė letís stop playing the blame game.

Brian Honan is an independent security consultant based in Dublin, Ireland, and is the founder and head of IRISSCERT, Ireland's first CERT. He is a Special Advisor to the Europol Cybercrime Centre, an adjunct lecturer on Information Security in University College Dublin, and he sits on the Technical Advisory Board for a number of innovative information security companies. He has addressed a number of major conferences, he wrote the book ISO 27001 in a Windows Environment and co-author of The Cloud Security Rules. He regularly contributes to a number of industry recognized publications and serves as the European Editor for the SANS Institute's weekly SANS NewsBites.


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