How to get promoted in IT security
by Philip Lieberman - President at Lieberman Software - Tuesday, 16 October 2012.
Try to embrace the findings of the auditors and show how their expensive services can be used to make the company more secure. Getting the auditors on your side and willing to promote you and your organization's adoption of best practices, can provide top corporate level visibility. Auditors can be your friends if they know what they are doing and can point out not only problems, but also solutions that are practical. Remember that the next person the auditor speaks with will be the C-level execs as well as the CEO.

4. Improve the education of your organisation's staff

Consider doing an internal IT security bulletin for all staff with handy hints on password management, how to spot dangerous emails, etc. Ensure that management and the board know you are behind this.

Do a series of lunchtime seminars to educate the staff on IT security. These can be done on staying secure online and similar topics that could be useful to employees at home, as well as at work. If staff find your seminars useful at home they are more likely to value you.

Share your knowledge about IT security with the staff when problems arise — you could set up an intranet page which draws attention to current phishing e-mails, or the problems of shared privileged account passwords and the remedies.

Finally there is no substitute for real integrity in any profession. Those who get to the top are those who a) have drive and enthusiasm and b) do everything with integrity and in the interests of the organisation and its staff without compromising or taking shortcuts.


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