5 steps to detect and prevent fraud in the public sector
by Graham Kemp - Head of public sector, SAS UK - Monday, 20 December 2010.
Early intervention, made possible by an increased ability to see how funds are being moved, ultimately will reduce the risk of funds being misappropriated.

Step 5: Improve performance while monitoring fraud

Government organizations should not only be concerned with detecting and deterring fraud Ė they should also be focused on ensuring their processes are effective and meeting their objectives. The right decision at the ground level may not always be the best way forward from a senior management perspective, which is why it is so important to make sure every decision is an informed decision.

Informed decisions require coordinated intelligence from every level of the organization. By deploying a multi-level solution that can assess performance from the front lines to the executive leaders, agencies can monitor key performance metrics that previously went uncaptured. These key performance metrics can then be used to create an environment that proactively monitors activities and threats, helping to curtail fraud and identify improper payments before they happen.

Changing needs call for changing strategies

It is important to remember that every government department has a unique culture and business process. For an anti-fraud strategy to be successful both today and tomorrow, it must be flexible enough to adapt to a variety of internal businesses processes and the ever-changing ways in which fraudsters try to exploit those processes.

By combining business and financial intelligence with performance management, government departments can tie together all of the essential areas of fraud and organizational management and achieve one cohesive strategy. And with this cohesive strategy, the Government will be armed with the necessary means and tools to ensure that the taxpayerís hard-earned pounds arenít making their way into the wrong hands.


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