RSA Security enhances RSA Keon
In support of its commitment to make the deployment and use of digital certificates easy for conducting secure and cost-effective e-business, RSA Security announced that its RSA Keon digital certificate management software is designed to provide seamless integration support for secure email with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook clients.

RSA Keon Certificate Authority

RSA Keon CA software is designed to enable end users to encrypt and digitally sign important email communications - including any type of attachments - so that only intended recipients can access the message. Email is an instrumental and convenient part of our business lives, but it is not without some inherent risks. Unprotected, e-mail messages can be opened, forwarded or tampered with by unauthorized people. By seamlessly integrating RSA Keon digital certificate management software with the Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook applications, RSA Security has helped ensure the confidentiality and data integrity of information exchanged between parties.

The new enhancements to RSA Keon digital certificate management software enable organizations to:
  • Implement an easy to deploy, seamlessly integrated secure email solution across the enterprise that requires no client software other than a standard Microsoft Outlook email client.

  • Automatically set configuration for signing and encrypting e-mails when users enroll for certificates. This ease of use feature eliminates the need for users to configure email clients and denote which certificates are to be used for signing and encryption.

  • Insert sign and encrypt buttons on the toolbar, thereby enabling ease of use functionality in terms of signing and/or encrypting email communications.

  • Publish certificates into the Microsoft Exchange Server Global Address List (GAL), enabling secure email to be sent from any user in the system to other users without any prior interaction.
The new enhancements to RSA Keon CA software are available immediately. For more information about the product or the RSA Keon product line, visit this page.


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