Q&A: Software Piracy
by Mirko Zorz - Monday, 3 November 2008.
Where do you see the current piracy threats ByteShield is guarding against in 5 years from now? How do you see the protection mechanisms evolving over time?

We are currently focused on software, with most of our energy aimed at the game market. Software is much easier to protect than other content, since if one character in it is wrong, the application will not work as intended. Music, video et al are much more difficult to protect. I think many new protection mechanisms will evolve. Our current product, protection of software and games uses encryption, but it is not the dominant technology. We have filed patent applications for protecting data files and email, with our existing technology as the base. These solutions will be very different from current offerings.

What are your future plans? Any exciting new projects?

When you are a start up, every day is exciting! Our momentum is right now in games, where the interest in using new and better solutions has grown rapidly over the past couple of months. In addition, we are working on some partnerships with great potential.


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