Corporate Security Overview: 21-28 May 2002
23 May 2002 - Neurotechnologija Ltd. announced the release of FingerCell EDK, a complete biometric fingerprint solution for embedded devices. A breakthrough in Embedded Development Kits (EDKs), FingerCell EDK not only enables rapid development of embedded fingerprint identification for doors, gates, computers, and other security-sensitive applications, but also can match 500 fingerprints per second, making it one of the fastest embedded ID systems on the market.

Algimantas Malickas, Ph.D., director and chief executive officer of Neurotechnologija Ltd. said: "Developing a superior embedded biometric identification system is a long and expensive undertaking. Our FingerCell EDK greatly shortens the process."

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23 May 2002 - Kaspersky Labs has assigned the European Business Development company MediaGold the task to enhance Kaspersky Labs' presence and to increase market share for its line of boxed software products in the European retail market. The agreement is effective immediately and will first concentrate on German speaking territories, the UK and Spain.

Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Labs' CEO said: "We are very pleased to be working with MediaGold. Combining efforts with such a highly professional company gives us a unique opportunity to attract new business partners, enhance the effectiveness of our partner network and more actively promote our software products."

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27 May 2002 - Sophos announced the launch of Enterprise Manager, the first product in the next generation of Sophos Anti-Virus administration tools. Enterprise Manager provides automatic distribution of the very latest virus protection updates and Sophos applications as well as offering on-demand updates.

Mark Laister, product manager at Sophos said: "Enterprise Manager can be installed and configured in minutes. It builds on, rather than replaces, existing anti-virus procedures, and - even though it can be set up to operate entirely automatically - it does not need dedicated hardware or database servers. Best of all, it does not require every computer in a network to update 'live' from an external website. This is a scaleable solution which does not require users or administrators to click anything."

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DMARC: The time is right for email authentication

Posted on 23 January 2015.  |  The DMARC specification has emerged in the last couple years to pull together all the threads of email authentication technology under one roof—to standardize the method in which email is authenticated, and the manner in which reporting and policy enforcement is implemented.

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