Q&A: E-mail spam and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions
by Mirko Zorz - Tuesday, 5 August 2008.
2. IT personnel required to maintain network and services.
3. Some systems require in-depth technical knowledge.
4. In the absence of IT personnel, cost of external IT support comes into play.

Benefits of a hosted services:
1. A hosted service provider can achieve economies of scale for the larger companies experiencing rapid growth but with lower capital risks.
2. Providers operate multiple data centers that are physically secure.
3. Companies can utilize the features and functionality of best-of-breed services.
4. Hosting provider can reduce compliancy costs for companies.
5. Pay-as-you-go pricing for these services.
6. Convenience of someone else managing the processes.
7. Unnecessary network traffic is eliminated.

Downside of hosted services:
1. Loss of local control over critical infrastructure
2. Delivery reliability because the service provider is another "hop" in the chain.
3. All data is in the hands of 3rd parties creating a possible security risk.
4. Even though data may be secure, the human element cannot be ignored.
5. Inability to take decisions and implement immediately.
6. Long-term cost may prove more expensive than purchasing a software solution.
7. Lock-in – once you start putting your data in other people’s hands it’s hard to get it out and put it somewhere else without major time and effort.

For many companies, the answer requires a thorough understanding of their business needs and the long-term benefits in term of costs, security, productivity and reliability.

What kind of evolution do you expect when it comes to e-mail spam in the next five years?

Spammers will become more creative and make full use of the technology that will be available over the next few years. Although spammers’ efforts to bypass the anti-spam industry’s filters will continue, they will focus more and more on human behavior and email usage patterns. This is what spammers have been doing over the past few years – and with considerable success – so if the formula is working now, there is no reason why they won’t use it over and over. Spam may look different in five years’ time, but the underlying strategy will not have changed much.


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