Corporate Security Overview: 15-20 May 2002
A number of security companies send us their company press releases, which we republish in the press section of Help Net Security. This is an overview of interesting developments in the corporate security world during the past week.

15 May 2002 - Application Security, Inc. announced the availability of AppDetective for Sybase, which is an application security scanner designed to perform network-based penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. Application Security, Inc. extends AppDetective's revolutionary methodology and knowledgebase of application-specific vulnerabilities to secure and protect Sybase databases. AppDetective easily locates, examines, reports, and helps fix Sybase security vulnerabilities with a click of a button.

Aaron C. Newman, CTO of Application Security, Inc. said: "Sybase is a powerful database with many robust security features. AppDetective reduces the cost of securing your Sybase installations and empowers database administrators to effectively provide secure database applications."

Press release:

15 May 2002 - Alcatel announced the addition of VPN capabilities to its OmniAccess 512 branch office solution. The announcement is part of Alcatel's CrystalSec enterprise security initiative that provides the security framework for all Omni voice and data products. This new VPN capability ensures that sensitive enterprise information is not compromised when voice and data communications are extended to the branch office.

Joelle Gauthier, Alcatel VP of network infrastructure marketing. said: "Offering secure voice and data applications to the branch office is one of the highest priorities of the network manager today. By adding VPN capability to a strong feature set that includes web-based applications, IP telephony, and traditional circuit switched voice, the Alcatel OmniAccess 512 increases the choices a network manager has for connecting the branch network."

Press release:

16 May 2002 - Kaspersky Lab announced that Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2.0 for Palm OS now includes an array of new and improved features. Included in version 2.0 are an improved system of virus defense, full control over all possible virus threat sources, a new user interface, centralized control of virus database updating and a significantly enhanced anti-virus scanner.

A "Conduit" module has been added to this version of Kaspersky's Anti Virus. This module, according to a user-determined schedule, updates the anti-virus database. "Conduit" is fully integrated into Kaspersky Control Center, which gives the opportunity to manage Palm OS virus defense directly from one console on a personal computer.

Press release:

17 May 2002 - Trend Micro, Inc. announced that its ServerProtect antivirus solution has successfully completed interoperability testing with IBM's TotalStorage Network Attached Storage (NAS) 200, 300, and 300G series servers using the testing principles of the recently announced IBM TotalStorage Proven program.


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