Data Loss Prevention: Where Do We Go From Here?
by Joseph Ansanelli - VP Data Loss Prevention Solutions, Symantec - Monday, 24 March 2008.
And yes, such unified, integrated DLP solutions will likely also become a critical component in more comprehensive portfolios for information-centric security. An information-centric security program includes keeping the bad things out, so you still need a defense-in-depth strategy that relies on the traditional security solutions like antivirus software and antispam programs. But information-centric security is also about keeping the good stuff in, and that means being able to protect information at rest, in motion, and in use. To do that, security and storage solutions will need to work hand-in-hand. DLP is the linchpin that will make this vision of information-centric security a reality.

Clearly, DLP offers a wide range of compelling benefits to organizations. Thatís why the market continues to grow. With a unified DLP solution across endpoint, network, and storage systems, organizations can better understand where their sensitive information is, how it is used, and how best to prevent its loss. Whatís more, the automated workflow and remediation capabilities in DLP help educate employees about data loss policies. Thatís a critical factor in meeting the challenge of how to ensure information security in todayís wide open world.


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