Interview with Janne Uusilehto, Head of Nokia Product Security
by Mirko Zorz - Wednesday, 31 October 2007.
My responsibility is to make sure that Nokia has an innovative and competent product security development organization for any platform that we use. We are exploring the use of Linux in our non-cellular device category through the Nokia N800 and 770 Internet Tablets.

What security strategy does Nokia have in order to maintain a firm grip on the variety of evolving threats targeting mobile devices?

Our strategy for security developments in Nokia products and platforms is based on detailed analysis of the demand for different features and services. When either the user or business case indicates that more security features and/or services are needed, those are made part of the default set. Platform security can also be adjusted based on needs identified in the analysis. Having an open platform means that the user of the device can increase the level of security as needed.

What security challenges does Nokia's product portfolio face in the next 5 years?

What will happen in the future is hard to guess and I don’t have a crystal ball! Our work is based on a straightforward strategy that consists of thorough threat analysis, product by product, platform by platform. From experience, although technologies are evolving, the principle types of threat remain the same, though the details may vary. A structured approach such as ours allows us to plan and respond effectively.

As the mobile environment evolves, we are seeing that most of the threats today are familiar from the Internet and computer environments, attacks are just targeted to new implementations and new protocols. To prepare for this challenge, we are designing our devices today to deliver a robust set of security capabilities and also to enable our users to protect themselves without compromising the mobile experience that they love

What can enterprise customers expect from Nokia in 2008 when it comes to security?

Nokia business customers will be able roll out new and exciting mobile applications to securely liberate their workforce from their cubicles and enable cost savings with technologies such as mobile email and Voice over IP from Nokia and its partners and standardize on Nokia security platforms.


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