Guide to Online Antivirus Solutions Part 2: Trend Micro HouseCall
by James Hicks - Thursday, 2 August 2007.
On a rather "crowded" Windows XP computer the scan lasted more than 2 hours and on a new Vista installation (been using it for a couple of weeks now) the scan was done in approx. 35 minutes. Throughout the scanning procedure you are dynamically updated on the status via the grey bar on the left part of the interface. While this works well and you are even given a time countdown until the process finishes, on my Vista computer there was a situation when I thought the application froze. As you can see on the image below, the "Scanning for active grayware/spyware" procedure stuck on 80% and stayed like that for 15 minutes or so.

Out of the sudden, it moved on and presented the results.

As I am taking care of this computers, HouseCall didn't find any real malware, but it was nice to see that it can check the status of installed Microsoft patches.

As usual, there is a list of active cookies which are considered a privacy risk. Not to me so I let them "live", but I fixed a couple of Microsoft vulnerabilities I missed in the patching period.


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