Open source Sleepy Puppy tool finds XSS bugs in target apps and beyond

Netflix has open sourced their cross-site scripting payload management framework dubbed "Sleepy Puppy."

Popular Android AppLock app full of gaping security holes

AppLock sports several vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to access content, and to reset, change, or remove the PIN code.

95% of websites in 10 new TLDs are suspicious

There has been an explosion of new neighborhoods on the Web, many of which may be considered for web security purposes as neither safe nor friendly.

An emerging global threat: BEC scams hitting more and more businesses

As the losses sustained by firms in the US and around the world passed the billion dollar mark, the FBI is once again warning businesses about BEC scams.

CPU hardware performance counters for security

Nishad Herath, Principal Anti-Malware Technologist at Qualys, talks about CPU hardware performance counters.


Best practices for ensuring compliance in the age of cloud computing

Here are the major considerations organizations should incorporate into their compliance programs, as well as pitfalls that can be avoided to ensure businesses stay compliant while using cloud computing.

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Best practices for ensuring compliance in the age of cloud computing

When was the last time you heard someone utter the sentence, “I’m looking forward to the audit next week.” Most likely, never.

Should a data breach be the kiss of death for the CEO?

The fact that CEOs have tendered their resignations in the aftermath of public breaches is a clear indication that the executive level is being held more accountable for the cyber security practices of their organizations.

Over 225,000 Apple accounts compromised via iOS malware

Researchers have unearthed a scheme that resulted in the largest known Apple account theft caused by malware.

Proactive real-time security intelligence

In today’s complex landscape security pros need to move from this reactive model to proactively using this security intelligence to protect their businesses.